This is a simple website. This is all I need to publish my works.
Sorry it isn't more complex and flashy, but I do not have the time / effort to invest in something cool, flashy and impressive.

So here are some links:

HiMDRenderer 1.00 beta 4 : Download
HiMDRenderer 0.54 : Download
Music by me : Buzz Tunes

My HL2DM map, dm_benham - based on my (old) place of work - Benham Valence : Download
Another HL2DM map, dm_agcbunker - based on an art installation, using photos taken by Dogsey : Download

I also help out with the London 2038 game - a multiplayer mod of Hellgate London. See for more

My final year university project - signal generation and analysis

(pure vanity - sorry)
My second car (14/01/2012 - 26/06/2017)

My New Car!! (26/06/2017)